AM receives update on lack of services on the A465

MONMOUTH  Assembly Member Nick Ramsay has  received a reply from the Welsh Government’s Transport Minister, Edwina Hart AM, regarding constituents’ concern over the lack of petrol stations/ services on the A465 near Gilwern.

Speaking on Wednesday, Mr Ramsay said:

“Constituents have contacted me to point out that there used to be two garages/services at the Gilwern roundabout on the A465 and another garage at the Brynmawr roundabout, which have now been demolished to allow the road widening to proceed.

“Unless motorists live in the area and know it well, they will be unable to source petrol or toilet facilities easily while travelling on the A465. There is also concern that visitors to Wales using the A449 and proceeding on to the A465 Heads of the Valley have no services available to them after Magor – the first services are at Neath.

“In her letter, the Minister states that while the Welsh Government has no statutory duty to provide public conveniences on the trunk road network it does fund some facilities either directly or in partnership with local authorities, which are also able to consider funding for businesses which make their facilities open to the public.

“Also, the private sector promotes and operates roadside petrol and service facilities on the trunk road when there is sufficient demand. Any surplus land that is identified following the A465 dualling will be offered for sale on the open market and the local planning authority will be responsible for determining what purpose the land may be used for. If developers have a strong case for additional services on this route, the Welsh Government say they are happy to work with them to facilitate their provision.

“Hopefully some local services and a petrol station will be established close to the new road soon after it is completed. In the meantime, I’m afraid it appears that drivers will have to rely on improved signage to guide them to petrol service facilities off the trunk road.”

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