AM Attacks “Barmy” Proposal to Re-Brand Half the Wye Valley

Local AM Nick Ramsay has attacked what he has labelled a “barmy” proposal to re-brand half the Wye Valley.

Wales’ Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty could be re-branded ‘National Landscapes of Wales’, under proposals now being considered by the Welsh Government.

The recommendation has been made in the first stage of a wide-ranging review of how best to preserve and promote our National Parks and AONBs in the future.

Speaking today Mr Ramsay said:

“This ludicrous proposal is bad enough for all Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty in Wales but it would be particularly damaging for the Wye Valley and Monmouthshire.

“As we know, the Wye Valley straddles the Welsh and English border so any re-branding could see half the Wye Valley re-named a National Landscape of Wales whilst the other half would remain as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

“This is clearly barmy, and would do nothing to attract more tourists to the area. In fact it could have the opposite effect by confusing lovers of AONBs across the rest of the UK, and indeed the world, as to what the Wye Valley has to offer.

“It’s time the Welsh Government stopped meddling with things that currently work and had a go at getting to grips with the very real problems that affect people in their day to day lives in Wales.

“This nonsense has to stop. Hands off our AONB Welsh Government!”

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