AM calls for Welsh Government to see sense over A48 Wye Bridge speed limit

Local Assembly member, Nick Ramsay, has expressed bitter disappointment over the Welsh Government’s refusal to lower the 50 mph speed limit over the A48 Wye Bridge at Chepstow.

Despite a petition from local school pupils back in 2013 and repeated calls by Chepstow Town Council and Mr Ramsay, the Welsh Government has refused to extend the Chepstow urban area 30 mph zone by a short distance across the dangerous bridge with its narrow pavement.

Speaking today Nick said:

“I have been inundated with calls from worried constituents demanding action on the speed limit.

“This is disappointing news and is simply not good enough.

“The bridge is a key school route for children attending Wye Dean School and the speed limit should reflect this.

“Parents and pupils should not have to wait until there’s a serious accident. It should be straightforward to lower the limit, and would be widely welcomed by residents in Chepstow.

“I’m calling on the Welsh Government to see sense and alter this limit as soon as possible.”

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