AM Speaks Out About Wonastow Land Sale Scandal

MONMOUTH Assembly Member and Shadow Minister for Finance Nick Ramsay has again spoken out about the Welsh Government’s sale of land, which includes the Wonastow Road Fields, at well below market value.

The Auditor General has now confirmed that the land was sold far too cheaply and at a fraction of its true value.

Mr  Ramsay is now following up last month’s urgent question in the Assembly with further questioning over the Welsh Government’s ability to deal competently with financial matters.

Speaking today Nick said:

“The Auditor General’s findings confirm our worst fears that this public land was grossly undersold.

“At the end of the day this wasn’t the Welsh Government’s land to undersell – it was public land, and the public trusted the politicians to look after their interests, something which clearly did not happen.

“The land at Wonastow Road was then converted to housing use in order to satisfy the Welsh Government’s unreasonable demands on Monmouthshire Council to build ever more houses.

“Now we have confirmation that Welsh Government sold off the land at a fraction of its value we need a full investigation into what has gone so badly wrong.

“I am asking the Welsh Government to be fully transparent on the process which led to this scandalous land sale and to outline what is being done to ensure this does not happen in future.

“Tax payers in Monmouthshire deserve no less than a full explanation and apology.”

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