AM calls for safety measure at Penperlleni

LOCAL Assembly Member Nick Ramsay is pressing the Welsh Government’s Minister for Transport, Edwina Hart AM to support local residents’ call for a reduction in the speed limit on the A4042 at Penperlleni, Goytre.

Residents are extremely concerned about the danger facing pedestrians trying to cross the busy road at Penperlleni and would like the current 40mph speed limit reduced to 30mph and also a pedestrian crossing.

Speaking on Monday, Mr Ramsay said:

“There is a dangerous bend on this road  which makes it difficult particularly for elderly and young people to see approaching traffic when they make a dash to cross the road safely.

“One constituent whose daughter attends a school in Pontypool has told me he is very concerned that after the bus has dropped his daughter on the far side of the road on the journey home, she has to attempt to cross the road safely on her own with no dedicated crossing area and traffic travelling at speed.

“Elderly constituents who are unable to cross the road quickly also risk being hit by traffic.

“I am urging the Minister to address these concerns before a serious accident occurs at this black spot.”

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