AM welcomes progress on Kymin petition

MONMOUTH  Assembly Member Nick Ramsay was pleased to receive confirmation from Monmouthshire Highways that measures to reduce  the speed of traffic on the Kymin road are to be considered as part of the council’s highway forward programme and that a petition signed by local residents is to be reported to the next Central Monmouth Area Committee.

Mr Ramsay, who fully supported the petition and took the matter up with Monmouthshire Highways, said:

“I hope this will result in some form of speed control being implemented to make the Kymin road safer for both local residents and visitors alike. As is clear from the petition, people who live on the Kymin are extremely concerned about the speed of traffic travelling along the steep single lane, which leads to their homes. The Kymin is a popular tourist attraction and consequently the lane gets particularly busy during the summer months.

“I will continue to monitor the situation on residents’ behalf and press for a successful outcome to their petition.”

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