Your chance to “Save Monmouthshire”

SINCE its launch in August, Monmouth Assembly Member Nick Ramsay’s petition to “Save Monmouthshire” has gathered thousands of signatures, showing overwhelming opposition to Welsh Government proposals to abolish Monmouthshire and return to an old Gwent-style county that for many was both distant and unpopular.

Mr Ramsay, who has taken his petition to local shows and out and about in the constituency, said he was delighted but not surprised by the strength of people’s desire to retain Monmouthshire.

Speaking today, Mr Ramsay said:

“Local people very much identify with Monmouthshire and would hate to see the name abolished, which is set to happen if the Welsh Government pushes ahead its rushed and ill thought out local government reorganisation plans.

“This petition gives people who want to retain Monmouthshire the chance to send a clear message of opposition to the Welsh Government.

“I would urge anyone who hasn’t done so and would still like to sign the petition to do so via the following link:

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