AM backs Monmouthshire farmers

MONMOUTH Assembly Member Nick Ramsay says he is determined that farming will be a core issue at next year’s Assembly elections.

photo (2)

Speaking after welcoming a group of Monmouthshire farmers to the Assembly on Wednesday, Mr Ramsay said:

“Farming is a crucial element of the rural economy with the resultant spin-offs for local rural businesses including shops and local services.

“Farmers are deeply concerned about Welsh changes to the Basic Farm Payment system but the Welsh Government has refused to listen to their concerns, meaning that key factors such as production will not be taken into account in new payments and “tunnelling” to ease the transition has been ruled out.

“The move to a flat rate payment system with no transitional measures will leave many younger farmers out of pocket at a time when they need money to invest in farms and their workforce.

“To make things worse, farmgate milk prices are at an all time low, which is causing many dairy farms in Monmouthshire to go to the wall.

“The Welsh Government have ignored the concerns of our farmers for too long, this needs to change.”

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