AM presses for rephasing of Wye Bridge lights

MONMOUTH Assembly Member Nick Ramsay has contacted the Welsh Government via a special hotline in the hope of resolving problems with the traffic lights phasing on the A40/A466 junction at Monmouth’s Wye Bridge.

Mr Ramsay has received a number of complaints about long delays at the lights, particularly from constituents who live on the south side of the river.

Speaking today, he said:

“Ironically all was well when temporary lights were installed at the junction but once these were cleared, the old nightmare, queues and chaos returned.

“One constituent told me he had to wait for 20 minutes, or six phases of the lights, before getting from A to B, because the lights were only allowing six or seven cars at the most through from the A466 at any time – while on the A40, there were no queues at all.

“The phasing of the lights fails to take into account the convergence of the three routes, which are extremely busy early in the morning, particularly with school traffic trying to get to the primary school at Mayhill.

“One local resident told me he had taken the matter up with the South Wales Trunk Road Agent and was flabbergasted to be told that  the complaint would have to be forwarded to the Welsh Government for consideration.

“I have used the special hotline to emphasise the urgency of the problem and to  ask for the lights to be rephased as soon as possible. This is a chaotic situation, which cannot be allowed to continue.”

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