AM receives update on M48 waste management concerns

LOCAL Assembly Member Nick Ramsay has welcomed news from the Welsh Government’s Transport Minister, Edwina Hart AM, that her officials will continue to monitor waste management issues alongside the M48, following complaints from local residents.

Mr Ramsay wrote to the Minister after attending a public meeting at Mathern, where local people expressed concern that the extraction of aggregate adjacent to the A48/M48, was causing problems with dust and noise in the area, with safety implications for motorists.

Speaking today, Mr Ramsay said:

“After the meeting I asked the Welsh Government for an assessment of the area concerned and was pleased to hear that officials had  visited the site in October. However, they felt that at the time of their visit the stockpiled material within the Border Waste Management site did not appear to constitute a danger either to the highway or to the travelling public but as work at the site had previously damaged the highway boundary, they will continue to monitor the area concerned.

“I will also continue to monitor the situation. In addition, I have written to Monmouthshire County Council drawing attention to the Minister’s comment that concerns relating to noise and dust are the council’s responsibility.“

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