AM Speaks Out Against Possible Local Justice Area Boundary Changes

MONMOUTH Assembly Member Nick Ramsay has spoken out with his views on the consultation into possible Local Justice Area boundary changes which could cause considerable inconvenience to people from all over the Greater Gwent area.

The consultation, which closes at the end of this week, has been considered fully by Gwent Magistrates who unanimously supported Option 1 of the consultation as the only viable option. This proposes leaving the Local Justice Area as it is, with no area changes for the time being.

Speaking today Nick said:

“I fully support the reasoning of our local magistrates, and will be responding to the consultation this week to support maintaining the status quo.

“I see no great reasons for changing the areas which would be a leap in the dark with unknown costs and consequences for justice in Monmouthshire and the whole Greater Gwent area.

“Our local magistrates have the interests of local people and their access to justice as their prime concern, and I’m more than happy to support their views  on this issue. We’ve seen the effect of justice changes in court provision here before and any further changes would not be welcomed.”

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