AM urges Minister to reconsider speed limit on A48 Chepstow bridge

MONMOUTH Assembly Member Nick Ramsay is urging the Welsh Government’s Minister for Transport, Edwina Hart AM, to reconsider a plea from Chepstow Town Councillors and local residents to reduce the speed limit on the A48 River Wye Bridge.

Speaking today, Mr Ramsay said:

“While the installation of a guardrail on the footway across the bridge has been welcomed by local residents, there is a strong feeling that further safety measures such as a 30mph speed limit and crash barriers are urgently needed.

“Town Councillors have pointed out that the A48 bridge at Chepstow is the narrowest point on the A48 between Gloucester and Cardiff and that it simply isn’t safe to allow vehicles to approach and pass each other at closing speeds of 80mph to 100mph on such a narrow unprotected bridge, let alone have pedestrians within a metre of them.

“Councillors, local residents, pupils and parents have petitioned patiently for over two years for the speed limit to be reduced on this dangerous bridge, which is on a major route to Wyedean School and are understandably unhappy with the Minister’s decision to retain the 50mph speed limit.

“While safety at the bridge is a major concern, there are also ongoing problems with congestion on the A48 between Tescos and the roundabout, and health hazards for residents of Hardwick Hill.

“I fully support the town council’s call for a more detailed explanation of the arguments against a 30mph speed restriction and for a new and open review of both traffic and pedestrian safety.

“Let us not wait for a serious accident to occur in order to provide the appropriate collision statistics – action needs to be taken now.”

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