AM continues his fight to save Monmouthshire

MONMOUTH Assembly Member Nick Ramsay has vowed to continue to campaign against the Welsh Government’s proposals for local government reform in Wales, which would result in Monmouthshire being merged with neighbouring SE Wales authorities.

Highlighted in the Draft Local Government (Wales) Bill, the Welsh Government plans to cut the number of Welsh councils from 22 to eight or nine, with Monmouthshire being merged into a Gwent-style authority.

Accusing the Welsh Government of planning to wipe Monmouthshire off the map, Mr Ramsay said:

“I am appalled by these proposals, which would effectively wind back the clock to an old Gwent-style model, which was both unpopular and ineffective.

“Big doesn’t always mean best and any merger with neighbouring authorities is certainly not representing the will of local communities, who have shown overwhelming support for my  ‘Save Monmouthshire,’ petition, which has gathered thousands of signatures.

“Local people very much identify with Monmouthshire and its very distinctive global brand, which is synonymous with tourism, agriculture and food produce.

“They would hate to see the name abolished and fear that the unique Monmouthshire brand would be lost should these proposals be implemented.

“I will continue to campaign vigorously against these proposals and will do all I can to protect Monmouthshire’s unique identity.”

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