AM asks is Monmouth on the metro map?

MONMOUTH AM Nick Ramsay has asked the Welsh Government’s First Minister, Carwyn Jones AM, for an update on efforts being made to connect Monmouth to the proposed metro network.

Speaking in the Assembly on Tuesday, Mr Ramsay said:

“There have been a number of different maps published over the years and from what I remember early ones had Monmouth on them – but worryingly, on more recent maps, Monmouth has disappeared, although this was probably down to cost.

“I believe the town is now back on the map it is certainly on the Welsh Government website, intriguingly linked to the Celtic Manor and Malpas.

“If this is indeed the case, I would like to know what mode and what frequency of transport is going to be considered.

“In a wider context I would like to know if the renewal of the new Wales and border franchise is being dovetailed with the metro development because it’s clearly important that the electrification process should go along with the purchase of new rolling stock.

“I agree with the Minister that positive economic, social and environmental effects can follow from the development of the metro network. “

Replying to Mr Ramsay, the First Minister confirmed that Monmouth was now definitely on the map. The mode of transport would not be heavy rail but probably either light rail or bus rapid transit. An assessment would be made of what would be the most effective and efficient way for the people of Monmouth in terms of being connected with the network.

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