Monmouth AM condemns level of Welsh Government’s Health Spending

MONMOUTH AM Nick Ramsay has described the Welsh Government’s health spending per capita as “a national scandal.”

The Shadow Minister for Finance was responding to Tuesday’s Draft Budget Statement in the Senedd, when Finance Minister Jane Hutt, AM, announced that the NHS was set to receive a net boost of £278 million under the Welsh Government’s spending plans.

But Mr Ramsay said the boost for health could not make up for previous cuts to NHS funding and that by failing to protect the budget, the health service in Wales had been starved of £1billion since 2010/11.

“Adjusted for age, and reflected by our increasingly ageing population, health spending per capita in Wales remains £50 lower than our counterparts in England – that’s a national scandal.

“This budget provides too little far too late,” he said: “The damage has already been done – hospitals have been downgraded, there’s been a failure to recruit staff and I am continually receiving complaints from my constituents in Monmouthshire about huge delays in waiting times.

“This chaos is a direct result of Labour’s NHS budget cuts since 2011. We cannot support a budget that continues to hack away at our NHS and provides no innovation in economic growth. “

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