LOCAL MP David Davies has met with Gwent Police to discuss the latest spate of burglaries hitting Monmouth amid fears of another possible crime wave.

In recent weeks, properties in Wyesham, Dixton, Overmonnow and Osbaston have been targeted by thieves while the owners were away – sparking recollections of a similar spree of break-ins which started in June last year.

Over the following eight months, 26 properties were burgled. In January 2015 alone, three houses in Osbaston were broken into and a resident in Wallis Close was assaulted by several men when he saw activity in his neighbour’s home.

The police allocated CCTV surveillance, dedicated officers and other resources to the area in a high priority campaign but no arrests were made.

Now further burglaries have prompted fresh concerns and the launch of a community watch team spearheaded by a group of residents.

Mr Davies, who lives in Osbaston with his family, said he was “deeply frustrated” that the thieves had yet to be caught.

He visited Abergavenny Police Station on Friday (11 December) to meet with Monmouthshire North Inspector Huw Jones and senior officers working on the investigation.

“After things appeared to have quietened down, it is extremely worrying that we are seeing a new spate of burglaries in Monmouth,” said Mr Davies.

“However, the police are doing everything they can to apprehend those responsible and are leaving no stone unturned.

“I understand items recovered from one burglary are undergoing DNA testing and officers are continuing to conduct high visibility patrols in the area.

“There is also a certain amount of covert activity going on which has been explained to me in full detail.

“While I have been asked not to release that information publically, I wish to reassure people that I am very heartened by what I’ve been told.”

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