AM follows up Chepstow traffic concerns

MONMOUTH Assembly Member Nick Ramsay has written to Monmouthshire County Council’s Highways Department after receiving a letter from a Chepstow constituent who is calling for traffic calming measures to be considered in various parts of the town.

In his letter to the AM, the constituent says that while he welcomed improvements made to the Old Wye Bridge, he was fearful that when the bridge re-opened, large volumes of fast moving vehicles, including lorries, would once again be travelling through Chepstow’s Old Town, putting pedestrians’ lives in danger. The speed of vehicles passing very close to people, including children and elderly pedestrians, who were walking along St Mary’s Street, Bridge Street and St Ann Street and across the Old Wye Bridge, represented a major risk.

Speaking today, Mr Ramsay said:

“I have asked Highways to consider the traffic calming measures my constituent has suggested, including wider footpaths, speed humps or bollards and  a 20mph speed limit through Chepstow Old Town and across the Old Wye Bridge. I have also asked them to look at introducing tougher weight restrictions and improved road signage; for priority to be given to buses and taxis, cyclists and pedestrians travelling across the Old Wye Bridge and for the Old Wye Bridge to be classed as a heritage structure to ensure its long term survival for future generations.

“There is obviously continuing concern about traffic problems in the town. I hope the Highways Department will look at all these suggestions and consider implementing at last some of them. “

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