AM presses BT for improved Broadband accesses

MONMOUTH Assembly Member Nick Ramsay is hoping that clusters of homes in rural communities which have not yet been able to access Superfast Broadband may be able to do so when BT complete a second sweep to pick up premises which failed to benefit first time round.

Mr Ramsay wrote to BT after receiving complaints from constituents unable to access Superfast Broadband.

Speaking today, he said:

“BT have informed me that they have not yet started the second pass of Monmouthshire but are hoping that clusters of premises which missed out on the first roll -out will be picked up on the second sweep..

“In the meantime, they suggest people consider the Access Broadband Cymru scheme, while for businesses in the vicinity, the Welsh Government also has an ‘ultrafast’ grant scheme, with £10,000 available to connect to 100mbps+ services.

“Should BT be unable to get to a community with fibre broadband through Superfast Cymru, they say they would be prepared to co-invest with communities as a privately funded deal.

“I have campaigned vigorously for an improved broadband service and share my constituents’ frustration at so far being denied access to this much vaunted programme. I have forwarded their details and concerns to BT and hope a satisfactory outcome can be achieved.”

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