AM Calls for Better Settlement for Monmouthshire

Local Assembly Member, Nick Ramsay, has called for a better financial settlement in a debate in the Assembly’s debating chamber this week.

Mr Ramsay is concerned at a 3.1 percent cut in what the council receives from the Welsh Government.

He is also calling the Welsh government to reform the local government formula that is used to fund local authorities.

Speaking today Nick said:

“Monmouthshire has once again received one if the worst financial settlements from the Welsh Government.

“The 3 per cent plus cut is bad enough, but what is particularly concerning is that Monmouthshire has also received one of the lowest settlements in absolute cash terms.

“We need a far better deal for the county that recognises the costs of delivering services over a large rural area.

“We need a rural stabilisation grant in the short term, but I am also calling for a new funding formula for local government that will combat the unfairness in the current system.”

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