AM Receives Update Temporary traffic Lights on A40 in Abergavenny

MONMOUTH Assembly Member Nick Ramsay has received an update from Edwina Hart AM, the Welsh Government Minister for Transport, concerning progress with the ongoing work in Monk Street which has resulted in the temporary traffic lights in the town centre for many months. Nick wrote to the Minister earlier this month stressing the need for the lights to be removed as soon as possible due to traffic disruption and complaints from local businesses.

Speaking today, Mr Ramsay said:

“The Minister has informed me that “there has been a delay with the works to ensure the safety of the party wall at 5 Monk Street. This work needs to be completed before the main refurbishment of this house and 7 Monk Street can take place. The works are now anticipated to be completed by April.”

Nick added:

“I have also been informed that the scaffolding installed for work taking place at The George Hotel could remain in place until the beginning of June, and the temporary lights would need to remain in place until the work here is completed also. Hopefully the work may be completed before this deadline so that the scaffolding and lights can be removed before the tourist season is in full swing once again and the Eisteddfod comes to Abergavenny.”

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