AM impressed by Abergavenny’s new community centre

MONMOUTH Assembly Member Nick Ramsay will be asking Monmouthshire County Council to consider a longer lease for Abergavenny Community Centre after what he described as “an inspiring visit” on Monday.

Following a tour of the Centre, Mr Ramsay said he was impressed by the innovative use of the former school building, which currently offers a range of activities, including theatre, music, origami lessons and puppeteering sessions.

Nick Ramsay pictured with volunteers at the Centre

Nick Ramsay pictured with volunteers at the Centre

Speaking today, he said:

“Unfortunately, the Centre only has a short lease and in my view, there is a strong argument for asking the council for a longer one. This would give a certainty to the project and enable the management team to realise their ambitions of a properly resourced community centre. Investment is also needed to replace the kitchen to allow catering facilities to be developed.

“Everyone involved in the Abergavenny Community Trust has clearly worked tremendously hard to transform the old Park Street Primary School into a building which is a social hub for the community.

“I wish them every success in the future.”

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