AM presses for speedier reform of Blue Badge Scheme

MONMOUTH Assembly Member Nick Ramsay is pressing the Welsh Government to speed up the reform of the Blue Badge scheme after receiving further complaints from constituents who say the process is taking far too long.

Speaking today, Mr Ramsay said:

“Despite the Welsh Government’s recommendations to reform the scheme, many elderly constituents continue to encounter problems in renewing their Blue Badges. One constituent, who has a permanent disability, had to appeal to the Independent Assessors before his Blue Badge was renewed. Whilst his appeal was successful, the whole process was a waste of time and money for all concerned, and many people may not be able to fight to retain their badges as he had to do,

“Blue Badges play a very important role in enabling many often elderly or vulnerable people to live a full and independent life and it’s unfair that people with genuine mobility problems are continuing to have to struggle to have their badges renewed.

“Something is clearly going badly wrong with this process. I will be writing to the Minister again to ask that improvements recommended by the Blue Badge Task and Finish Group be implemented much more swiftly. “

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