AM Speaks Out Again About Wonastow Road Land Sale Scandal

MONMOUTH Assembly Member Nick Ramsay has again spoken out in the Senedd about the Public Accounts Committee’s Report on its inquiry into the Regeneration Investment Fund for Wales’s sale of land at Wonastow Road, Monmouth.

Speaking yesterday in the debate on this issue in Cardiff Bay Nick said:

“When the former Welsh Development Agency land at Wonastow just outside Monmouth in my constituency was put forward for new housing, there was enough of an outcry. When, subsequently, it emerged that the land had been sold off at a fraction of its market value, along with other RIFW sites across Wales, there was a reaction bordering on disbelief.

“We had a situation where the land that had been included for housing in response to the Welsh Government inspector’s own requirement for more housing stock in Monmouthshire had itself been made available by the Welsh Government to the developers at a fraction of the market value. You couldn’t make it up. Well, maybe the Welsh Government could make it up, actually.

“Needless to say, the legacy of this is that it has seriously undermined the trust of many of my constituents in the Welsh Government’s ability to handle these large financial issues. Let’s face it: ownership, management of land, and sale of land, is a key responsibility of government and must be a key responsibility of this Welsh Government. If we can’t get this right, what can we get right? It’s that simple a question.

“I urge the Welsh Government to act on this report swiftly and effectively. It is absolutely vital that confidence is restored after this whole sorry saga. We simply cannot afford for this to happen again.

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