RESIDENTS worried about the ongoing spate of burglaries in Monmouth are being given the chance to voice their concerns to Gwent Police. 
A public meeting organised by the town’s MP David Davies will be held at the Shire Hall on Monday 4 April 2016 at 6:00pm. 
The new inspector for Monmouthshire North, Arwel Hicks, will be present alongside neighbourhood sergeant David Seymour. 
It comes a year after a similar meeting took place at Osbaston Church in Wales Primary School to discuss the spree of break-ins, which started in June 2014.
Houses in the Wyesham, Dixton, Overmonnow and Osbaston areas have continued to be hit with senior police officers confirming to Mr Davies that there could be two separate gangs involved. 
One is targeting high value cars and the other – believed to be responsible for many of the attacks in Osbaston – is trying to escape with cash and valuables. 
Three people from Cardiff and Penarth were recently arrested in connection with the burglaries where high value vehicles had been stolen.
Mr Davies said:
“After things appeared to have quietened down, it is extremely worrying that we are once again seeing further break-ins. 
“I live in the heart of the affected area and can well understand local frustrations. People are angry and frightened to leave their homes. 
“I have been talking regularly to the police and I know that action is being taken. However, I want to give everyone a chance to hear this first hand and to ask their own questions.” 

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