Local AM Attends Assembly Emergency Session

Local Assembly Member for Monmouth, Nick Ramsay AM attended the emergency session held at the Assembly yesterday to discuss the steel crisis in Wales following Tata’s announcement last week that it plans to sell its plants as soon as possible.

Nick was the last Assembly Member to question the First Minister on this important issue at the emergency meeting.

Speaking today Nick said:

“I raised the local issue of the Llanwern plant which opened in 1962 employing 13,000 people, but over the last six years has suffered dramatic cuts in its workforce so that only 1,500 people are now employed there.

“Only last August Tata announced further job losses from that workforce despite the fact that only a few years ago Llanwern invested £3.6 million on its “zodiac line” which coats steel with zinc for the car market and products such as washing machines.

“I am backing the UK Government’s attempts to save the zodiac rolling mill at Llanwern so that local jobs will be saved. Everything possible must be done to save what remains of our local steel manufacturing industry and the jobs of local people.”

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