AM backs local residents over Deri Farm pylon concern

MONMOUTH AM Nick Ramsay is calling on Monmouthshire County Council to liaise with Persimmon Homes over controversial plans to construct a new electricity pylon as part of the undergrounding process at the Deri Farm development on the outskirts of Abergavenny.

After attending a meeting with local residents at The Mardy Hall on Tuesday, where Western Power Distribution was also represented, he said:

“Clearly there is a great deal of concern about plans to construct this new pylon, which was not shown on the original plan and which residents fear would be very close to their homes.

“The original expectation was that cables would be undergrounded to the existing pylon, which is some way from residents’ houses.

“I am urging both the council and the developer to consider all options and go ahead with the best option for local people.

“It is very unfair that local residents have been kept waiting for so long and that having accepted the housing plans, they now face the prospect of being disappointed at the last hurdle.”

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