ROAD users and local residents are being invited to have their say about the future of the Severn River crossings.

The Welsh Affairs Committee is seeking views on plans to handover the bridges to public ownership in April 2018.

An oral evidence session is being held at the Drill Hall in Chepstow on Monday 13 June from 10am to 11:30am.

Severn Bridge

Chaired by Monmouth MP David Davies, the committee will first question the Freight Transport Association before gathering opinions from members of the public.

Mr Davies decided to launch an inquiry into the long-term future of the Severn crossings following Chancellor George Osborne’s Budget announcement in March that toll charges will be halved once the bridges revert to public ownership.

The committee intends to establish the timescale for this process and examine what plans are in place to ensure a smooth transition.

Traffic congestion, highways maintenance and toll payment methods will also be scrutinised.

“There has long been public interest in the effects of the tolls on the south Wales economy and the wider impact on users of the bridges,” said Mr Davies.

“The announcement that the tolls are to be halved is therefore fantastic news. While it is not as much of a reduction as some were hoping for, it is certainly a welcome step forward.

“The main priority now is to ensure a proper handover plan is in place when the bridges revert to public ownership.

“Furthermore, the potential for installing an electronic pre-pay system is a key issue as reducing the tolls is likely to increase traffic levels and could lead to big queues on the toll plaza.

“We are very keen to gauge local views as they will not only inform the committee but help us to investigate the subject thoroughly”.

Anyone wishing to attend the evidence session can register and book a free ticket at

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