A PROMINENT Leave campaigner has urged the government to act quickly and offer reassurance to people concerned by the Brexit vote.

Speaking after the result of the EU referendum was confirmed on Friday morning, Monmouth MP David Davies said:

“I am pleased with the UK’s decision to leave the European Union, although I recognise that the Monmouthshire local authority area voted narrowly to Remain.

“To those calling for my resignation may I respectfully point out that the area I represent has different boundaries! The parliamentary constituency of Monmouth includes thousands of people living in Torfaen where there was a big vote in favour of leaving. Nonetheless, it would have been close and of course I want to be mindful of all those who voted in either direction.

“Over the past few weeks there has been a lot of passion and heated rhetoric on both sides of the argument. While the Leave campaign won, now is the time to show humility and remember that a large proportion of the country are worried at the result. I would immediately like to offer some reassurances on three issues that were repeatedly raised with me.

“Hard-working migrants from EU and non-EU countries were led to believe there was some sort of xenophobic agenda. This is utterly untrue. I have friends in Monmouth who come from in and out of the EU. Indeed, my wife is from Eastern Europe and my sister-in-law is Chinese. I can assure everyone that hard-working, law-abiding migrants are as welcome today as they always have been. We do need to get a better control of migration numbers and benefits but this will not have any impact on hard-working people already in the UK.

“It was suggested that there was some sort of plan to tear up workers’ rights. Again this is totally untrue. There is no such plan. Britain has strong industrial relations which is one reason why so many want to invest here. Workers’ rights are vital to maintaining that positive relationship. They are good for employees and for business and it would be nothing short of madness to try to take them away. Please be assured it will not happen.

“It was also suggested that MPs would not continue to fund agricultural support or infrastructure support in Wales. Commitments were made during the campaign that these would continue to be supported and I certainly want to echo my own absolute commitment to continued support for both.

“It looks as though the next few weeks will be eventful for the major political parties. My own view is that the Remain campaign should acknowledge the result for Brexit and the Leave campaign should acknowledge it was fairly close. We all need to be talking to each other with a little less passion and a bit more courtesy.”

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