County Councillors 2017

Monmouthshire County Council 2017-22

At the 2017 Local Government election the Conservatives were elected to 25 of the 43 available seats on Monmouthshire County Council, and are also the largest political group on the council. This means that the Conservative Party will form the administration of the council.

Monmouthshire County Councillors, May 2017

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County Councillor Phil Murphy

Ward: Caerwent

Tel: 01633 400387 Fax: 01633 246910


Cabinet Member for Resources



County Councillor Paul Jordan

Ward: Cantref

Tel: 01873 855763


Cabinet Member for Governance & Law



County Councillor Maureen Powell

Ward: Castle

Tel: 01873 851761





County Councillor Robert Greenland

Ward: Devauden

Tel: 01291 650231  Fax: 01291 650231


Twitter: @bob_greenland

Deputy Leader, and Cabinet Member for Innovation, Enterprise & Leisure



County Councillor Richard Roden

Ward: Dixton with Osbaston

Tel: 07729717794





County Councillor Mat Feakins

Ward: Drybridge

Tel: 07806251113





Bryan Jones

County Councillor Bryan Jones

Ward: Goytre Fawr

Tel: 01873 880688  Mobile: 07976 960832

Fax: 01873 880270


Vice Chairman of Monmouthshire County Council


County Councillor Sheila Woodhouse

Ward: Grofield

Tel: 01873 855773  Mobile: 07507277876


Chairman of Monmouthshire County Council



County Councillor Paul Pavia

Ward: Larkfield

Tel: 07812 147048


Twitter: @Paul4Chepstow  Facebook: Paul4Chepstow (Larkfield)

Chair, Economy and Development Select Committee


County Councillor Jane Pratt

Ward: Llanelly Hill

Tel: 01873 561269  Mobile: 07807059577


Twitter: @Jane4MCC

Cabinet Member for Infrastructure and Neighbourhood Services


County Councillor Giles Howard

Ward: Llanfoist Fawr

Tel: 07930 544668


Twitter: @Giles4Llanfoist



County Councillor Peter Clarke

Ward: Llangybi Fawr

Tel: 01291 671220

Fax: 01291 672597




County Councillor Sara Jones

Ward: Llanover

Tel: 01291 672573


Twitter: @SaraLlanover

Cabinet Member for Social Justice & Community Development


County Councillor Ruth Edwards

Ward: Llantilio Crossenny

Tel: 01600 714941  Fax: 01600 714941


Chair, Planning Committee



County Councillor Malcolm Lane

Ward: Mardy

Tel: 01873 858464  Mobile:  07731689940





County Councillor Richard John

Ward: Mitchel Troy

Tel: 07917572869


Twitter: @RichardJohnRJ

Cabinet Member for Children, Young People & Mon Life


County Councillor Jamie Treharne

Ward: Overmonnow

Tel: 07456 843 992





County Councillor Peter Fox OBE

Ward: Portskewett

Tel: 01633 644020


Twitter: @PeterFox61

Leader of Monmouthshire County Council



County Councillor Penny Jones

Ward: Raglan

Tel: 01291 673674 Mobile: 07752 482722


Cabinet Member for Social Care, Safeguarding & Health



County Councillor Dr Louise Brown

Ward: Shirenewton

Tel: 07598979719


Twitter: @CLouiseBrown82



County Councillor Ann Webb

Ward: St Arvans

Tel: 01291 689559 Mobile: 07816678948





County Councillor David Dovey

Ward: St Kingsmark

Tel: 01291 621464  Fax: 01291 630148





County Councillor Lisa Dymock

Ward: The Elms

Tel: 01633880473  Mobile: 07766702883


Twitter: @Lisa4Elms   Facebook: Lisa4Elms

Chair, Strong Communities Select Committee


County Councillor Brian Strong

Ward: Usk

Tel: 01291 673404


Chair, Licensing and Regulatory Committee



County Councillor Laura Jones

Ward: Wyesham

Mobile: 07872144938


Twitter: @LauraJ4SWEast

Facebook: LauraJones4Wyesham


Monmouthshire County Council consists of the following electoral wards: Caerwent, Caldicot Castle, Cantref, Castle, Croesonen, Crucorney, Devauden, Dewstow, Dixton with Osbaston, Drybridge, Goytre Fawr, Green Lane, Grofield, Lansdown, Larkfield, Llanbadoc, Llanelly Hill, Llanfoist Fawr, Llangybi Fawr, Llanover, Llantilio Crossenny, Llanwenarth Ultra, Mardy, Mill, Mitchel Troy, Overmonnow, Portskewett, Priory, Raglan, Rogiet, Severn, St Arvans, St Christopher’s, St Kingsmark, St Mary’s, Shirenewton, The Elms, Thornwell, Trellech United, Usk, West End and Wyesham.

Torfaen County Borough Council 2017-22

(Monmouth constituency Wards: Croesyceiliog North, Croesyceiliog South, Llanyrafon East and Ponthir and Llanyrafon West)


Councillor Huw Bevan

Ward: Llanyrafon South

Tel: 01633 421983




Are you interested in representing your community? Why not consider becoming a Conservative candidate?

Are you a Conservative who wants to improve your local area? If so, you are an ideal candidate to become a Conservative councillor (Community, Town, or County).

Becoming a councillor is a uniquely rewarding experience. It gives you the opportunity to help your local community and be part of a dedicated team providing key services for your area.

Being a councillor is also a great way to gain political experience and useful skills in public speaking, debating and problem solving.

Serving councillors are a broad mix of people from the local community. New councillors are good news. They mean fresh ideas and fresh enthusiasm, and that will be good for your council and your local area.


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