History of the Association

The Monmouth constituency was created for the 1918 general election, and was a creation of the Representation of the People Act 1918 as one of six constituencies covering the historic county of Monmouthshire. Prior to the 1918 election the county had been covered, nominally, by the county constituencies of Northern Monmouthshire, Southern Monmouthshire, and Western Monmouthshire, and the Monmouth Boroughs borough constituency. By 1918, however, administrative county boundaries were out of alignment with constituency boundaries. The new constituency boundaries took account of the new local government boundaries.

2019- Cllr. Christopher Edwards
2016-2019 Mr. Barrie O’Keefe
2015-2016 Mr. Nicholas Hacket Pain
2012-2015 Mr. Christopher Titchener
2009-2012 Mr. Thomas Lowes
2006-2009 Mr. Nicholas Hacket Pain
2003-2006 Mr. Martyn Evans
2000-2003 Mr. Neville Waters MBE JP DL
1997-2000 County Cllr. Brian Hood MBE
1994-1997 Mr. Maurice Trumper OBE
2019- Mr. Mark Brown
2016-2019 Cllr. Christopher Edwards
2012-2016 Mr. Barrie O’Keefe
2012 (to Sept) Mr. Roy Garner
2009-2012 Mr. Christopher Titchener
2006-2009 Mr. Thomas Lowes
2003-2006 Mr. Nicholas Hacket Pain
2000-2003 Mr. Martyn Evans
1997-2000 Mr. Neville Waters MBE JP DL
1994-1997 County Cllr. Brian Hood MBE
1991-1994 Mr. Maurice Trumper OBE
1988-1991 County Cllr. John Parker
1984-1987 Mrs Muriel Rogers MBE
1981-1984 Miss Rosemary Griffiths